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Welcome to the Fascist Wikia. This is an area for Fascists and those interested in Fascism to communicate their ideas.

What is Fascism?Edit

Fascism is a reaction to both capitalist and communist internationalism. Its goals are to eliminate crime, usury, and widespread immorality and to strengthen the family structure, the military, and the national culture.

Fascism achieves this through autocratic power. Autocracies are more efficient, less susceptible to corruption, have less infighting due to a united party, have a clear focus on their goals, and have a strong figurehead that represents the people.

Fascists use an economic system similar to socialism called corporatism. Corporatism forces corporations to directly pay for social programs, which ensures they are performed cheaply. Corporations are driven by greed to make the highest profit. By handing corporations the task of paying for certain expenses, they will find the best way to minimize the cost.

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